Advanced Options Analytics

The Options module is built to keep traders focused on the strategy that they are using. With over 20 options strategies to choose from, our templates allow you to move your strike prices vertically with simple clicks that expose the risk charts for the trade. You can also make custom multi-leg strategies of your own.

Everything is Clickable

Trade from the Chain

With our options analytics, you can trade straight from the options chain or place a traditional order ticket.

Every Strategy Ready to Go

More Than 20 Options Strategy Templates

Our template builder allows you to pick from more than 20 options strategies and find the trade you want. Choose from bull and bear call spreads to strangles to butterflies and condors and more.

An Options Tool for Everyone

Whether you just want to buy a call or put and see it on your chart or you want to dig into deep, complex options strategy, the options module keeps you focused on what you are looking for while offering levels of information.


Our templates explain to you what each options strategy is designed to do and show you the risk and reward potential both visually and numerically.

Ease of Use

We built our user interface with simplicity in mind. You can vertically adjust strike prices with a single click or change expiration months on the fly.

Stay Locked in a Strategy

If you are looking at a specific strategy, the template doesn't allow you to stray outside of the legs of that strategy so you don't end up with an incorrect trade.


Unlike most platforms, you can easily backtest a system or trade going back years using end of day pricing data. See everything on a chart as it would have played out.